Must have Apps for any one that loves the outdoors

In this day and age everyone has a Smartphone and using social media to share what’s going on and how you feel seems to be right up there with having breakfast, dinner or even breathing. Apps have played a massive role in peoples lives and using them to socialise, track fitness and mapping routes is becoming more and more popular, I mean who doesn’t take a selfie or post there time on social media Right?!

Here are 7 Apps I cant live without

Twitter is my preferred method of socialising on the internet a quick # search can drum up thousands of posts that I’m interested in and find inspiration for runs and adventures on a daily basis. I follow people that are interested in the same outdoor activities as I am and is a great way to share my experiences and pick up tips and routes for running and walking.



I have been using strava on and off since I started running and always get drawn back to it after using other apps this year I stuck with strava and it is easily the best App for tracking runs and walks.




Easily the best app for music out there, either free to use or pay monthly/yearly subscription which gives you more freedom over playlists, songs and building your own playlist. Spotify is great for long walks and Runs when you want to block out the world.




OS Maps
Ordinance Survey have long been the go to for mapping and since they have started the online mapping and App I use it all on a weekly basis sinc ei get lost all the time. Online you can plan routes and print off the maps in both 1,25,000 and 1,50,000 which is ideal for smaller walks and runs and means you don’t have to go and buy a map every time you go off in a different part of the country.



View Ranger

I am pretty new to the App but got hooked instantly. Maps, guided routes and the best feature using your camera View ranger will tell you the mountain peaks right in front of you pretty cool hey?



I love a good picture Snapseed just makes it that little bit better and twitter and blog worthy! We all like to share are moments online and with friends so when you see that perfect f=view or want that selfie at the top of a mountain but Snapseed will just help make it look a little better definitely worth having on your phone. I recently did an 18 Mile Long Slow Run and took pictures using Snapseed which you can find here



Down Dog
I am terrible at stretching off after a run and find if I don’t I get tighter and tighter every day I recently downloaded Downward Dog as i heard yoga was the best for stretching, Flexibility and working on your core and i use nearly everyday now and has upped my game.



Head Space
Nothing to do with outdoor activities and it isn’t for every one, Head Space is an App for Mental Grounding use it all the time to help with stress and just to switch off when my heads going at 100mph Brilliant for people that suffer with Mental Health issues but it will also help if you just feel a little stressed due to work or anything really. not feeling your run today because your heads all over the place? use this for 10 mins and that will change i promise!

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