Old Serum to Tedworth House 19 Hard Miles

I was extremely lucky enough to be able to stay at the Help For Heroes Recovery house in Tidworth over the weekend so naturally managed to squeeze in a 3 hour run but boy was it tough. Deciding on a route was hard as there were so many nice places to visit and I wanted to run across some of Salisbury plain but had to make sure there were no ranges on, I definitely didn’t want any surprise mortars or rounds coming down range at me as I was running.

I decided on the magnificent Old Serum in Salisbury as my start point for my LSR. I wanted to run at least 16 Miles knowing that I haven’t been on form over the past few weeks I really didn’t want to push myself but just enjoy the freedom of being out and running the trails. The Old Serum is a Iron age hill fort and Norman castle and my run took me first around the outer ramparts of the Castle which are magnificent and around a mile. I made a massive mistake early on in my long run as I had never ran here before I was going of OS Maps on my phone that meant because of my extremely poor memory I had to keep getting it out and re checking I was heading in the right direction, School boy error which meant I got lost ALOT!

The Next 2 Miles were through beautiful country side in the direction of Lower Woodford now I don’t normally get into a run until around 3 miles but these hills that looked small from a distance felt as though I was climbing a mountain, But what goes up must come down and enjoyed the downhill sections and enjoying all the views as I went I hit a few little bridges over the river avon which were alive with wildlife and I stopped to walk and take in the views again.

Hitting the road and staying on there for around 3 miles was a pleasant feeling for my knees completely flat and only getting lost once to link back up to the trail heading to Boscombe down to be honest the hills had given me a little bit of a battering now a steep long incline really did take it out of me but once at the bottom of the runway of boscombe down I was treated to the highlight of this run a low flying spitfire with its Rolls-Royce engine purring as it went overhead, I was like a kid in a candy shop in total awe! 

Skirting my way around Amesbury past the motorway and back onto the trails I was heading for the edge of Bulford Camp unfortunately there were red flags up which meant live firing so I had to take a detour through Bulford and past the 5 Rifles Camp. Heading back in the direction once again towards Tedworth house I made it to the edge of another Open range and tank crossing lucky enough No red flags this time which gave me the green light to run across the plain.

Reaching the 16 Mile point and knowing I still had around 3 miles to go just as the heavens opened was a struggle legs cramping and stiffening and with hills still in view I mustered what energy I had and made a last push for the finish, then I got lost again haha story of this run really but a quick map check and a 15 min mile put me back in the right direction and I finished a little wet but very positive for what was a hard run on an unknown route.

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