Beating Post Race Blues

That Challenge that you have been training for all year is over you ran the best you could wether it was a 5k, Marathon or 100 mile ultra maybe it was even an epic adventure you have been on but what now? The highs of doing so well are amazing after every race I’m buzzing and literally cannot stop talking about what I have just accomplished but a few days later and I’m feeling pretty down.

A lot of people like myself run for mental wellbeing finding that running is a great way to relieve the everyday struggles that anxiety, PTSD or depression holds over us. Every one will be different, but what can you do to get out of the slump and what to watch out for.

  • Lacking interest in recovery
  • Lacking interest in even running again
  • Feeling unusually down and lack of motivation
  • Feeling like your riding a roller-coaster of emotions
  • Thinking that what you have achieved is not any good and any one can do it

What can you do to get out of the slump?

After a race I enjoy to take things slow now and not worry to much on training straight away and enjoy just getting outside in other ways or trying something different in the gym such as Hiking, Swimming and low impact classes such as Pilates or spinning here are a few other things to try,

  • Try Swimming or a gym class during recovery
  • Book or plan a new adventure or race, give yourself something to aim for
  • Getting outside for a walk or hike to keep your legs ticking over and fresh air will be great for the mind
  • Set out smaller goals to aim for that you know are doable it will give you satisfaction and motivation to move onto something bigger again.

Believe me when I say every one goes through this at some point it’s pretty natural so expecting it before it’s happened will always help. Join a community or club and have a chat to other runners find help and inspiration to help you be the best after a race.



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