A Short Walk At Avebury Henge

Woken up by my alarm shouting dad, dad, dad William looked more enthusiastic than I did waking at 0530 on a Sunday. As it was just the two of us we decided or should I say I decided to pack the Dodge up and go and have a look around Avebury in Wiltshire.

Avebury henge survives as a huge circular bank and ditch, encircling an area that includes part of Avebury village. Within the henge is the largest stone circle in Britain – originally of about 100 stones – which in turn encloses two smaller stone circles.

As we left so early the route down was clear and we soon found The National Trust parking Which is free to members. Once William was settled in his pack we were off. Heading straight for Avebury Henge through a thicket of trees and once into the village the vast size of the henge was striking, it is huge. to say I was a little blown back is an understatement! Avebury henge lives exists in the shadow of stone henge but is so much better. Walking around the circle and moving out of the way of the tourist friendly sheep  (Who William seemed more fascinated by)


We both made are way off the henge and onto Kennet Avenue which dates back to around 2200BC and runs off towards The Sanctuary 2.5km away. William and I were taking a different path once we hit the footpath sign we headed off towards Silbury hill but first we both had to climb up Waden Hill. Once to the top you can not miss Silbury Hill it is Striking! It is the Tallest Prehistoric man-made mound in Europe but its Use is still debated today but the old folklore tales seems the best in my eyes to which Local legends state that the devil was carrying a bag of soil to drop on near by Marlborough, but was stopped by the priests form Avebury hence forming Silbury Hill.


It was only a short Walk back to the Car form here, If you love your history and are nearby stop at Avebury it is easily one of the most fascinating places I have visited an is a lot less busy than nearby Stone Henge. A visit to the nearby Alexander Keiller Museum to see artefacts found in the area is definitely worth it.







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