Wild Camping for Beginners

Do you like the idea of packing all your kit up and heading into the wild for a couple of days? Yes well wild camping would be right up your street, forget about booking yourself into a campsite and head out into the wild. It can be massively daunting for the first time wild camper, I know because I have been there myself what kit do I need? Does it need to be as light as possible? Where do I even start?

Wild Camping is prefect for that multi day adventure where traveling to an ordinary campsite is out of the question its back to basics. Here are few pointers to get you heading in the right direction.

Where Can You Wild Camp?

Wild Camping in Scotland is completely legal that said so is Dartmoor in England but for the rest of England and wales its best to seek the landowners permission but remaining discreet and following a certain etiquette Wild camping is usually tolerated.

Wild Camping Etiquette

several etiquette points are best observed to get the most out of wild camping and I’m not trying to take any fun away,

  • Make camp during last light and leave early to avoid unwanted attention.
  • Avoid disrupting the land and take everything with you, leave your site how you found it.
  • No OPEN FIRES doing so means you are not scarring the earth, making a mess or more importantly building a fire that will get out of hand and destroy the area around you.
  • Lastly Consider others especially other wild campers and land owners we do not want to give ourselves a bad name and leave our camp site looking like a bunch of teens have gone on a wild weekend.

What Basic kit do you need?

you honestly do not need the most expensive kit and taking everything but the kitchen sink with you. sometimes more is less.

  • Tent or shelter of some type
  • Bivi bag
  • Sleeping bag
  • Pack

Here is my kit for a very lightweight wild camp, 20 Litre Pack, Sleeping bag, Tarp, Sleeping Mat, Bivi Bag, Stove and water.


Choosing an ideal camp site

I don’t think there will ever be that perfect campsite but having some tools and an idea will help. as I have already said having some idea of the area you might be camping is a good idea you do not want to be aimlessly walking around. Have some kind oof plan, check the map beifre you go and mark out a few possible sites and bare in mind these key points

  • Bogs = Midges so remember to pack insect repellent or a net.
  • Rivers and streams the blue bits on a map by the way 😉 being near to these will offer a water source so carrying litres of water is unnecessary just remember to pack puri tabs or boil the water before consuming.
  • Paths try to steer clear of these when your picking a site you don’t want loads of walkers going.

With the right tools and knowhow wild camping can be enjoyed by any one anywhere if it is still a little daunting take someone along with you!



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