OOFOS Recovery footwear

OOFOS Recovery Footwear are engineered to help your feet recover. The soles are made outlogo of OOFOAM, a spin on traditional foams that propel you forward these absorb more than 37% more shock. With added support for your arches taking stress off knees, Hips and lower back. They seem to have hit all the checkbox for foot recovery but how do they actually feel when put on?

Genuinely the best recovery for your feet, I have used these time and time again after runsuntitled and even wearing round the house after being on my feet all day. You can feel every time you put them on that your arch is well supported and feel as if your walking on air. I would recommend these to all runners and walkers they are an outstanding bit of kit.


www.OOFOS.co.uk £40-£45



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